Vintage Doomsday Deck List Analysis for 2023.02.12

Only seven Doomsday lists this week. This is the future Phyrexians want.

Saturday Challenge

SenpaiBlank - 6th Place

bennybo - 16th Place

Sunday Challenge

Vertyx_ - 3rd Place

discoverN - 20th Place

SingPanMan - 30th Place

SenpaiBlank - 32nd Place


TaJoordan - 5-0

Core and Differences


Main Core: 53 cards Side Core: 7 cards

discoverN is cutting Baubles. Other than that we see a fairly stable main compared to last week.

Nothing real new this week other than a slightly higher average of Steel Sabotage. Everyone seems to have found their configuration and are sticking to it. With Phyrexia: All Will Be One out but not really offering anything for Doomsday, it's simply a matter of adjusting to the changing meta.
Doomsday's strong though. Solid play will always trump little sideboard tweaks.

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Best of luck to everyone playing this weekend!
Remember: Always Be Casting Doomsday.
And thanks! I love you.