Vintage Doomsday Deck List Analysis for 2021.01.09-10

Between being the week before the Showcase Challenge and the ManaTraders Series being Vintage in January, there are a lot of games being played at the moment.

2021.01.09 Decks

2021.01.10 Decks

Preliminary Decks

League Deck

Deck Comparison

If you are wondering why revenantkioku only has 14 sideboard cards, that is not some hot tech. I forgot the second Opposition Agent.

On the Spice Rack this week we have discoverN playing a copy of Portent, which, according to discoverN, is "pretty strong". Other than that we have a normal amount of variance between the decks this week. Things are swinging towards preparing for Underworld Breach decks.

Total Differences

Draw (13)
Cling to Dust
Street Wraith
Treasure Cruise

Counters (17)
Force of Negation
Mystical Dispute

Discard (3)

Bounce (2)
Chain of Vapor
Lands (7)
Fetch Lands
Watery Grave

Sideboard (0)

Graveyard (7)
Leyline of the Void
Surgical Extraction

Artifacts (1)
Hurkyl's Recall

Discard (5)

Creatures (14)
Opposition Agent
Tasigur, the Golden Fang

Mana Sources (8)
Cavern of Souls
Library of Alexandria

Counters (4)
Force of Negation
Mindbreak Trap

Removal (16)
Chain of Vapor
Fatal Push
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

Not everyone is in on Opposition Agent, but it is heading towards being standard. That one copy of Library of Alexandria keeps popping up, and while I have not seen it show up in the match replays of discoverN that I have watched, I have a feeling it shows the sort of patience that piloting the deck requires.