Vintage Doomsday Deck List Analysis for 2024.06.09

The last challenges before the horizon changes.

Friday Challenge




Saturday Challenge





Sunday Challenge






Core and Differences

Main Core: 55 cards Side Core: 8 cards

Main Averages Side Averages
CoreCombo 6.0
Counter 9.09 Counter 3.36
Creature 1.0
Discard 0.09
Draw 19.82
LandsMana 21.0
Removal 0.64 Removal 3.82
Tutor 3.45 Tutor 0.55
AntiArtifact 2.18
AntiGraveyard 4.0
Main Difference Side Difference
Counter +0.17 Counter +0.11
Creature -0.42
Discard -0.17 Discard -0.08
Draw +0.23
Lands/Mana -0.08
Removal +0.05 Removal -0.10
Tutor -0.21 Tutor +0.21
Anti-Artifact +0.27


Look at those numbers! 55/8 of the same cards!
discoverN seems to be back on Dress Down, and slowly reverting back to Cut Down and Fatal Push instead of two Push. If you're not playing Dress Down, you'll probably want Push for Constructs. I still fear that Revolt is a little too hard for Doomsday to pull off, but in this Lurrus world, there's not too much we want to worry about. Once Modern Horizons 3 is out for a month or so, I should redo the removal chart.
I'm not too sure how much impact MH3 will actually have on Vintage. People will try a bunch of cards upon release, but nothing stands out. If anything happens, it will be because a clever person found something most of us missed during spoiler season.

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Best of luck to everyone playing this weekend!
Remember: Always Be Casting Doomsday.
And thanks! I love you.