Vintage Doomsday Deck List Analysis for 2024.03.10

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Saturday Challenge


Sunday Challenge






Nihonbashi Vintage Cup


Core and Differences

Main Core: 44 cards Side Core: 3 cards

Main Averages Side Averages
CoreCombo 6.0
Counter 9.8 Counter 2.2
Creature 0.4 Creature 2.0
Discard 0.2 Discard 0.4
Draw 15.0 Draw 0.2
LandsMana 22.2 LandsMana 0.2
Removal 1.0 Removal 4.2
Tutor 4.0
AntiArtifact 2.4
AntiGraveyard 0.6 AntiGraveyard 3.2
Other 0.8 Other 0.2
Main Difference Side Difference
Counter -0.74 Counter +0.05
Creature +0.40 Creature +0.31
Discard -0.57 Discard +0.02
Draw -1.69 Draw +0.12
Lands/Mana +1.12 Lands/Mana +0.12
Removal +0.08 Removal +0.35
Anti-Artifact -0.29
Anti-Graveyard +0.60 Anti-Graveyard -0.88
Other +0.80 Other +0.20


Ah, and here it comes. Lurrus Saga VaultKey Doomsday.
Honestly, it makes me sad that this is happening. But it seems I'm one of the few people who think Urza's Saga being played at this rate is a problem, so maybe I should shut up and accept I'm the Old Man of the Sea on this topic. Or my dream will come true with the announcement of the B&R list. Perhaps I should get drunk, and hope Sindbad ends my desire to play Magic? But that's another story for another time.
Having played around with the list, being able to search up Black Lotus with Saga, buy time with Constructs, or win out of nowhere with VaultKey is powerful enough and you aren't punished for playing Saga. Either it draws a Wasteland that would have been used on your Underground Sea, or they get rid of your Sea, and you get Lotus. The card increases the "damned if you do, damned if you don't" moments, and against a combo deck, this is precisely what we want. We want you to misuse your resources without knowing which was the right play.
Dredge is doing well, so Dream Salvage may be a good choice to get ahead in the games.
If you're going the Lurrus route, maybe stock up on Mystic Remora? They pitch to Force.

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Best of luck to everyone playing this weekend!
Remember: Always Be Casting Doomsday.
And thanks! I love you.