Vintage Doomsday Deck List Analysis for 2024.01.21

See? Doom brings Doomsday. 😎
Big congrats to Tsubasa_Cat for qualifying!

Saturday Showcase Challenge







Sunday Challenge




Core and Differences

Main Core: 54 cards Side Core: 7 cards

Main Averages Side Averages
CoreCombo 6.0
Counter 10.13 Counter 1.5
Creature 2.0
Discard 1.13 Discard 0.25
Draw 16.88
LandsMana 21.13 LandsMana 0.125
Removal 0.63 Removal 4.25
Tutor 4.0
AntiArtifact 2.87
AntiGraveyard 4.0
Other 0.13
Main Difference Side Difference
Counter -0.63 Counter -0.50
Creature +0.25
Discard +0.13 Discard +0.25
Draw +0.38
Lands/Mana -0.13 Lands/Mana +0.13
Removal +0.13 Removal -0.50
Anti-Artifact -0.13
Anti-Graveyard +0.50
Other +0.13


It's not surprising that good Doomsday players brought the deck to the showcase, and the winrate was pretty good! Sleight of Hand is continued tech for Orcish Bowmasters, Duress is seeing solid play and Flusterstorm numbers are slowly crawling back up to four-of.
Sideboard numbers are all pretty much were I'd expect them to be. Hullbreacher sure is a choice, and while a bit hard for Doomsday to cast, goodness, what we could do with that mana.

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Best of luck to everyone playing this weekend!
Remember: Always Be Casting Doomsday.
And thanks! I love you.