Vintage Doomsday Deck List Analysis for 2023.08.06

Vintage Doomsday Deck List Analysis for 2023.08.06

Should Tinker Doomsday not be included as it is basically another deck? Or is it part of the spice, like Lurrus Orc Doomsday?

Saturday Challenge

discoverN - 17th Place

Tsubasa_Cat - 31st Place

Sunday Challenge

discoverN - 13th Place

SingPanMan - 18th Place

revenantkioku - 25th Place

CrazyDiamond513 - 30th Place

Tsubasa_Cat - 31st Place


IamActuallyLvL1 - 4-0

CrazyDiamond513 - 3-1


Vertyx5 - 5-0

SingPanMan - 5-0

Core and Differences

Main Core: 44 cards Side Core: 3 cards

Main Averages Side Averages
CoreCombo 6.0 AntiArtifact 2.0
Draw 16.727272727272727 AntiGraveyard 4.0
Counter 9.909090909090908 Counter 2.909090909090909
Creature 0.7272727272727273 Creature 1.2727272727272727
Discard 0.7272727272727273
LandsMana 21.363636363636363 LandsMana 0.18181818181818182
Removal 0.18181818181818182 Removal 4.636363636363637
Tutor 4.181818181818182
Other 0.18181818181818182
Main Difference Side Difference
Counters -0.42 Anti-Artifact -0.78
Creature +0.73 Counter +0.91
Discard -0.27 Creature -0.06
Draw -0.94 Lands/Mana +0.18
Lands/Mana +0.36 Removal -0.25
Removal +0.18
Tutor +0.18
Other +0.18


Tinker Doomsday is, well, one person, and fundamentally different. It's a Tinker deck playing Doomsday as its win condition. Is it a Doomsday deck? Yes. But.

While most of the decks this week are fairly similar, SingPanMan comes in hot with four copies of Orcish Bowmasters and Lurrus of the Dream-Den in the side. I tried a similar version, and while it can do some cool things, I find it's best matchup is the mirror. A Bowmaster at the right time hurts a lot. Unlike regular Doomsday, it has the ability to come back after a counter-war with Lurrus, but, not unlike Tinker Doomsday, it trades a lot for an alternate plan.
CrazyDiamond513 tried out Ravenous Trap over Surgical Extraction for the challenge. While not needing life is great, it does have some weaknesses, like Wallas never hitting the graveyard. While CounterVine exists as is, I would not be going that route. But it's not like I love Leyline of the Void in that match, either. Tinker Doomsday being able to grab Sphinx of the Steel Wind is pretty great, as that is almost always a guaranteed win against Bazaar decks.
Snuff Out numbers are slowly increasing. Everyone played at least one.

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Best of luck to everyone playing this weekend!
Remember: Always Be Casting Doomsday.
And thanks! I love you.