SingPanMan’s Doomsday Guide (2021.05)

Doomsday (My Very Own Perfect Library)

Original written by 只(100V10μF)/SingPanMan

Translator's Note: SingPanMan has quite a unique style of writing that I may not have captured. I tried to focus on the information first, and then the style. Forgive me, and thank him for the amazing article.

Since the previous article is quite old, I decided to write a new one after the release of Thassa’s Oracle.
This is for new Doomsday players, but not for those new to Magic.

Here is the old article.

At that time, our little Oracle wasn't even born yet. I'll never make a mistake like that when writing an article again. (That's a lie.)

Also, I'm sure everyone already knows the deal with the "Power Five".

Table of Contents

About Doomsday

Doomsday is a Blue and Black combo deck. It's made up of combo parts, disruption (counters), card draw (including tutors), and its mana base.

Here’s the list.
As of this writing (May 2021) four copies of Street Wraith and the Delve spells is my standard.
Also, the mainboard is cheap for a Vintage deck as it only uses the "Power Five". (Black Lotus, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk)

The Combo (And Necropotence)

Doomsday x4

The deck’s namesake. Its key part.
We use this to make our Very Own Perfect Libraries. Cantrips make it a two-card combo.
With Gush, we can even win from a position of no floating mana if we have two Islands.

Thassa's Oracle x2

These replace Laboratory Maniac and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries. At two mana, this powerful card allows for quick wins.

Demonic Consultation x1

This tutor combos with Thassa's Oracle to win for three mana.
But when used as a tutor try to select a card with as many remaining copies in the deck as possible. Naming a one-of leads to a high chance of removing both Oracles or decking yourself.

Necropotence x1

Now this is a draw engine.
In most cases, you want to resolve this as fast as possible and enter control mode or resolve the combo.
One thing to note: This life cost makes this card no good against BUG, Bazaar, or Shops.
If you do keep an opener with Necropotence and your opponent is on one of these three, it's best to go ahead with the plan. Spend as much life as it seems safe to do and then win the following turn.
Since this adds cards to your hand, you can get around Narset, Parter of Veils and other cards that limit card draw.
It also plays an important role as protection against Brain Freeze.


Force of Will x4

The strongest, and weakest, counter.
It is our savior against instant death.
While it is card disadvantage, a free and hard counter is powerful.
It helps to avoid instant losses, (Turn one Sphere of Resistance, etc.) and deals with the opponent's counters.

Daze x2

This is a zero mana soft counter, often used to protect a turn one Doomsday or Necropotence. Against Pitch Dredge it may as well be a hard counter.
Alas, its usefulness does not last long. You'll have to take care once your opponent realizes you are Doomsday. That's why this often ends up pitched to Force of Will.
It doesn't come up often, but do remember that the mana from Mishra's Workshop cannot pay for Daze.

Force of Negation x1

This is an extra Force of Will. While it is good protection, don't forget it can't counter creatures and it cannot be cast for free on your turn.
In worst cast scenarios you can always hard cast it. This tends to happen more often as games drag on.

Flusterstorm x2-4

A counter with storm attached. Do note that it's only useful for Instants and Sorceries.
As it only costs one mana, Flusterstorm is often used to make a move. Thanks to storm it's very powerful against Force of Will and other pitch cards.

Mystical Dispute x1

This soft counter only costs one against Blue cards. It can also hit non-Blue cards for three mana. As with most soft counters, its value decreases as the game goes on.
I tried out two copies when it was first printed but settled on one.
Uses include tapping out opponent's mana even when you know it won't counter their spell.

Mental Misstep x1

With this restricted, Pyroblast's numbers have gone up.
It's so stressful.
Still. Sol Ring, Sensei's Divining Top, Deathrite Shaman, Pyroblast, not to mention Ancestral Recall. The list goes on.
There are many things you don't want to counter as a two-for-one, but will be more than happy to trade for.

Card Draw (And Tutors)

Preordain x4

This is the main cantrip in Vintage. With only access to one copy of both Ponder and Brainstorm, this is a four-of for now. If you can remember what you put on the bottom of the deck, you can use Demonic Consultation to great advantage.

Ponder x1

This is one of Legacy's all-star cantrips. It's one of our most efficient ways of finding a particular card. Using it with fetch lands lets us refresh the top of our deck.

Brainstorm x1

Another one of Legacy's all-stars. It's best used when we have cards in hand that we can't or don't want to use. Having this can make a hand with lots of lands a keeper.
We also want to try to use this with fetch lands to refresh the deck top.

Gush x1

It's safe to say this card is what makes the Doomsday deck possible. It can also let us replay a land to get three Black mana.
Hurry up and unrestrict it, Wizards.

Gitaxian Probe x1

Check if the path is clear with life instead of mana.
It's an important card as it can act like Gush after resolving Doomsday. Its use goes beyond gaining information. Be strategic.

Street Wraith x4

Think of these as cyclers that function almost like extra Gitaxian Probes. Only you don't get any information. It may have a Black border but it may as well be a Blue card with how likely we are to draw a Blue card when we cycle.
Sphere of Resistance doesn't affect cycling as it's an activated ability. Using these well is the key to victory. They are important fuel for the two following cards.

Dig Through Time x1

This lets us dig through the deck and is a sort of last resort against Narset, Parter of Veils. You generally will focus on either this or Necropotence when playing non-sideboard games.
Like Preordain, if you remember the order of your bottom cards, you can gain extra value with Demonic Consultation.

Treasure Cruise x1

This acts as an extra Ancestral Recall. Of course it takes some time before we can use it, but thanks to Street Wraith that is often sooner than most Blue decks. Getting double Force of Will off of this or Ancestral Recall is enough to make you burst with joy.

Demonic Tutor x1

This is the most powerful tutor, letting us get any card for only two mana. Don't forget that by getting Black Lotus you can gain one mana as well as filter colors.

Vampiric Tutor x1

This darling lets us search up anything for one mana. The two life is nothing. But this card disadvantage means we often don't want to see it against Blue decks.

Mystical Tutor x1

This darling won't let us search up anything for one mana. Sometimes it's used to put Ancestral Recall back on top if our deck gets shuffled post Doomsday.

The Manabase

Dark Ritual x4

We use this to get the triple Black for Doomsday and Necropotence. Also, it sometimes lets us pay for an opponent's Flusterstorm.

Island/Snow-Covered Island x1

The one basic is a hedge against Wasteland. Since Snow-Covered doesn't matter, pick the art you like best.
If your opponent is playing Ghost Quarter, there are times where it is best to not search this up until necessary.

Underground Sea x4

This four-of is a must. When you can't find a Dark Ritual or the Black Lotus, you'll need to use these to get the three Black Mana.

Watery Grave x0-1

Since BUG used to often cast Surgical Extraction on Underground Sea, I began playing this as a defense against that play. If you'd prefer not to use it, play another fetch land.

Fetch Lands x8-9

These help insulate against Wasteland, and provide a shuffle effect after Ponder and Brainstorm. Since we don't play a basic Swamp and these are all Islands, a 2-2-2-2 combination of Blue fetches works fine. After that, either add another fetch of your liking or Watery Grave like mentioned above.


There are so many different piles, so we'll cover the basics.
Most often you'll try to set up other cantrips or counters to handle your opponent's removal.
Try to think up complex piles (Double Doomsday, etc.) in your free time and put them to practice when applicable.

Ancestral Recall Pile

Needed Resources:

  1. Place Ancestral Recall on top of the pile.
  2. Cast Ancestral Recall to draw three cards.
  3. Cast Black Lotus and then Thassa's Oracle with one card in your library.

Gush Pile

Resources: Two Islands on the battlefield.

  1. Place Gush on top of your library.
  2. Cast Gush for free.
  3. Cast Black Lotus and then Thassa's Oracle with two cards in your library.

Gush Start

Resources: Gush, two Islands on the battlefield

  1. Cast Gush for free.
  2. Cast Mox Sapphire and then Ancestral Recall.
  3. Cast Black Lotus and then Thassa's Oracle with zero cards in your library.

You cannot avoid removal on Thassa's Oracle if you replace Ancestral Recall with Brainstorm, however this is a defense against Misdirection. This is something to remember in corner cases.

Brainstorm Start

Resources: , Brainstorm, any one card

  1. Cast Brainstorm, adding Black Lotus and Ancestral Recall to your hand.
  2. Cast Black Lotus, then Ancestral Recall to draw Thassa's Oracle.
  3. Using the floating mana to cast Thassa's Oracle with one card left in your library.

The Sideboard and Matchups

First let's talk about the four Anti-Bazaar cards. Usually this is four copies of Leyline of the Void. Some players who want to be able to use the Black tutors to search up some hate replace one with Planar Void or Grafigger's Cage. One copy of The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale is here to reset the board. If Pitch Vine increases in numbers another copy is useful.
We have four copies of Steel Sabotage for Shops. Unlike Storm, our combo can continue on the next turn. We can afford mana and should emphasize one-to-one exchanges.
The remaining six cards are usually chosen based on user preference and the meta. You may want more cards for Shops and/or Bazaar.
Currently, Opposition Agent, Duress, Mindbreak Trap, removal like Fatal Push and other curious choices are common.
This sideboard is for reference only. I won't always use this, as it depends on what is going on.
The rest is mood.


Watch out for Daze once they know you are on Doomsday.
Also be wary of Flusterstorm as the game goes on. Cast Doomsday or Necropotence only when the time is the safest of the safe.

In: 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 2x Daze, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor


Brain Freeze is so troublesome. Before siding this matchup can be almost impossible.
If the opponent reveals Lurrus of the Dream-Den assume they are on Breach. Watch out for Brain Freeze once you see a Jeskai or Grixis mana base.
If your opponent keeps holding up two mana, and you have no defense, assume they have Brain Freeze. Look for a Demonic Consultation route.

On the Play

In: 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 1x Street Wraith, 1x Doomsday, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor

On the Draw

In: 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 1x Daze, 1x Doomsday, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor


The mirror is a game of luck. Who can resolve Doomsday first?
You need to decide if you're going to go to resolve Doomsday or counter theirs and then rebuild.
Be sure to watch out for Opposition Agent in sideboard games. On the play it's best to fetch before your opponent makes a land drop. Resolving our own Agent is how we break the opponent's heart.

On the Play

In: 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 1x Street Wraith, 1x Doomsday, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor

On the Draw

In: 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 1x Daze, 1x Doomsday, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor


Breach plays the same colors, but if you are too careful about Brain Freeze you can lose tempo and then the game.
Allowing Dreadhorde Arcanist to resolve or not depends on your hand. Their card advantage engine starts once they untap with it. Throw your Force of Wills pitching Delve spells at Lavinia, Azorious Renegade. You won't be casting them.

On the Play

In: 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 1x Daze, 1x Street Wraith, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor

On the Draw

In: 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 2x Daze, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor


Since they play fewer maindeck counterspells, it's better to go for the combo as soon as possible.
It's important not to let Deathrite Shaman do too much work. If you hold your fetches as long a possible, this can also help to keep Tarmogoyf smaller. Let anything other than the draw restrictors resolve. Collector Ouphe depends on the pile you'll be building.

On the Play

In: 1x Island, 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 1x Force of Negation, 1x Necropotence 1x Street Wraith, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor

On the Draw

In: 1x Island, 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 1x Daze, 1x Force of Negation, 1x Necropotence, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor

RUG/4C Walker

Getting stuck on lands here is a real pain. If you see Strip Mine, get the combo going as soon as you can.
The strategy here is to get one Island and then line up your fetch lands until you can go all-in on your mana.
Since they are a Pyroblast deck, it seems like they have a hard time with a turn one Doomsday.

On the Play

In: 1x Island, 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 1x Daze, 2x Street Wraith, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor

On the Draw

In: 1x Island, 2x Fatal Push, 2x Opposition Agent
Out: 1x Daze, 2x Street Wraith, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Vampiric Tutor


This is the main Bazaar deck.
The more time you give them the more difficult it is to win. When facing the main deck, aim for a turn one or two kill if possible. Resolve Doomsday.
When they know what you are playing, they will name Doomsday with Cabal Therapy nine times out of ten. Remember this.
In sideboard games, the fastest way to victory is to stunt their growth with a Leyline. Break their hearts.

In: 1x Chain of Vapor, 1x Planar Void, 1x The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, 3x Leyline of the Void
Out: 1x Mental Misstep, 1x Force of Negation, 1x Mystical Dispute, 1x Treasure Cruise, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Necropotence


Against this fair Bazaar deck, our main has the advantage.
Stitcher's Supplier is key to their development, so counter it. We can't do that to Bazaar of Baghdad.
They have a fast clock, so combo as soon as you can. They have many creatures with Haste, so try not to pass the turn after casting Doomsday.

You might want to change how you side based on their colors, so try to get as much information as you can.

In: 1x Island, 1x The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, 1x Planar Void, 1x Chain of Vapor, 3x Leyline of the Void
Out: 1x Force of Negation, 1x Mystical Dispute, 3x Flusterstorm, 1x Treasure Cruise, 1x Daze, 1x Mystical Tutor, 1x Necropotence


This deck is currently divided into two types: Ravager and Golos.
Either way, the opponent is hoping to lock you out turn one with a Sphere of Resistance or the like. Counter it with Force of Will and quickly cast Doomsday.
Before sideboarding, be sure to consider Wasteland when building piles. Phyrexian Revoker won't be a problem if you can come up with a pile that does not use Black Lotus.
Watch out for Mindbreak Trap as Ravager tends to play a full set after sideboarding.
That said, it's not a huge restraint.

In: 2x Fatal Push, 1x Chain of Vapor, 1x Island, 4x Steel Sabotage
Out: 3x Flusterstorm, 1x Mental Misstep, 1x Necropotence, 1x Mystical Dispute, 2x Daze

White Hatebears

They may be Mono-White, but their actions are of those with the blackest of souls.
The plan changes if they are on a Humans base or a Prison base.
Humans means Cavern of Souls, which makes your counters rot, so use them on their mana rocks to slow them down. Prison means no Cavern of souls, so you can hold onto your counters. Like Shops, cast Doomsday as soon as possible, and craft your pile with care.
Recently they have been playing Angel's Grace in the side. So, it's a good idea to build piles with both Thassa's Oracles and have a plan to pass the turn and cast the other one. (Give up if they have two copies that you can't beat. You won't have the life to cast Doomsday again.)

In: 2x Fatal Push, 1x Chain of Vapor, 1x The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, 1x Island, 4x Steel Sabotage
Out: 3x Flusterstorm, 1x Mental Misstep, 1x Necropotence, 1x Force of Negation, 1x Mystical Dispute, 2x Daze

How to Practice

This is the same if you're playing Legacy or Vintage.
To start, try playing out a hand ten times a day for three months.
Be sure to play through the Thassa's Oracle win, not only resolving Doomsday.
In particular, piles with Brainstorm can be quite tricky to resolve.
After about a thousand or so repetitions, you should have a good feel for what piles to build.
Be aware of when you are likely to use counters during the combo.
Use this experience in real games to lead yourself to victory.
I mean, I did it.